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by Vault Law Editors | April 02, 2010


NALP has just released its 2010-2011 Directory of Legal Employers, with the latest information on starting salaries and summer hiring. Above the Law's post on the 2009 summer stats has generated a number of comments, the most interesting of which comes from everyone’s favorite anti-terrorist. Rather than merely reciting numbers from the NALP forms, this Jack Bauer offers practical advice to the newest crop of summer associates:

To the law students reading this, make no mistake, those firms over-hired. The SOP is to go after the associates that have already started. In the boom times, you could hide for 3 years. In 2008 it was down to 1-2 years. Now it is down to 6-12 months.

Unless you have a rabbi or you stand out in a bad way, the basis for your removal will be hours. It won't be personal, just whatever your time sheets show relative to your peers….

The better way is to suck it up for the first 6 months and jump into the BS, work whatever magic you have to with your time sheets. Chances are some others in your class will have slacked off just enough to have the attention focused on them.

On making nice with your colleagues:

Remember, don't suck up to partners and seniors at the expense of your classmates and relative peers. In a couple of years those partners will have forgotten who their third wives are. Make nice with your fellow classmates and in 5-10 years you will have a great network.

[S]tay clear of the perma associates (counsels, 11th years, etc). Those guys are never making partner but they have all the time in the world to make your life miserable. Just stay away. For the rest of the associate food chain, they will likely be out in 2 years anyway. … In any case, there are actually some good mid and senior level associates out there, who you should gravitate to for work.

The whole piece is worth a read. As “Color me surprised” observes, “Who knew adults still commented here at ATL?”

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