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by Vault Law Editors | June 11, 2010


Speaking of e-discovery: Jenner & Block combed through some 34 million pages of e-mails and other ESI in preparation for Lehman bankruptcy examiner (and Jenner chairman) Anton Valukas’ 2,200 page report on Lehman’s collapse. The Valkus report found that Lehman inflated the value of toxic assets, put out misleading financial statements, and used accounting chicanery to keep debt off the books. At least three lawsuits based on the report’s findings have been filed against Dick Fuld and other former Lehman executives.

According to a Bloomberg News, about 20 Jenner lawyers were ordered to be “as imaginative as you can,” in coming up with candidates for terms for the electronic searches.  Apparently these terms were among those which produced the best (i.e. most damning) results:

“Just between us”


“Let’s discuss”

“Big trouble”




“Too late”

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