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by Vault Law Editors | April 06, 2011


Law firms are tiptoeing into the social media world. As they learn all about what they should do when it comes to hashtags and bitly links, they should also study up on what not to do. According to Legal Blog Watch, law firms can learn a few things about “self-destructive tweets” from Jay Baer’s recent blog post on corporate tweeting mishaps. According to Baer, companies should be ready to execute social media damage control for these three types of harmful tweets:



1.Twitter Account Swap: Be ready to address any personal tweets that an employee accidentally sends from the company account instead of his or her own twitter account.

2.Inappropriate: A company’s tweets help shape the company's brand, and inappropriate, offensive tweets may require some serious cleaning up. Get ready to explain.

3.Poor Judgment: The ease and freedom of social media can cause some lapses in professional judgment. Some information is just not meant to be shared with your audience. You may need to patch up your employees' bad decision-making.

Tweeting law firms already have a lot to think about when it comes to balancing their social media involvement with their ethical obligations and duties of confidentiality. But they should also prepare for everyday goofs that could harm their reputation or send their audience the wrong message.

What other twitter faux pas should law firms be ready to handle?

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