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by Vault Law Editors | May 27, 2010


The leadership of HogLove II: Electric Boogaloo (a/k/a the newly-joined SNR Denton, discussed by Vera yesterday here), got together and made a video, for some reason.   PR FAIL? I’m afraid so.

The two new co-chairs and the two co-CEOs sit in an awkward circle and spout dialogue that combines industry jargon (integrated platforms, knowledge management, seamless client-focus) with the awful dialogue of a testimonial:

“Best of all ... we like each other.”

“We’ve been so fortunate to find one another.”

“Our partners are going to love SNR Denton.”

“I think ‘elite’ is really the right word there, Martin.”

Watch the whole video here. Or don’t.

-posted by brian


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