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by Vault Law Editors | September 04, 2009


   Did Texas execute an innocent man? One key witness now wonders, “The statute of limitations has run out on perjury, hasn’t it?” Plus, a lot of fascinating details about the “junk science” of arson investigation.   (The New Yorker)

   “A rather dismal piece of work if I may say so," opines Judge Guido Calebrisi as the Second Circuit considers that Catcher in the Rye parody/knockoff.  (IP Law and Business)

   “Doing more with less” also applies to law librarians.  (The American Lawyer)

   Slapping a AAA rating on some worthless CDO is not ‘protected speech’ under the First Amendment, according a Manhattan federal judge. (WSJ Law Blog)

   “We have to reduce the number of law schools. Just like GM has to close plants because of over-capacity, we in the law have to close some of our “’factories.’”  (Professor Bainbridge)

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