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by Vault Law Editors | March 16, 2007


One day, Morrison & Foerster chair Keith Wetmore noticed that lawyers were using their phones as “portable offices.”  Next thing you know—OMG!—Mofo launches the first real BigLaw firm app

Freely-downloadable MoFo2Go let users search for partner biographies, information on firm office locations and nearby attractions, as well as articles from its in-house magazine MoFo Tech. There is also a "play" function  featuring what is described as a "maze game."  (At this time, it could not yet be confirmed whether the maze walls are built of file boxes waiting for document reviewers.)

MoFo has an undeniable tradition of innovation. Vault’s survey respondents have consistently pointed to the firm’s “positive, tolerant culture” and “Hip, young, cutting-edge technology.” On the other hand, this commenter on The Lawyer’s site is underwhelmed:

Well done, MoFo, on one of the naffest ideas in legal history. Who on earth would want to look at your partners' bios on their iPhone?? Tragically unhip.

Well, we’ll see, but the smart money’s not on the naysayers.

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