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by Vault Law Editors | September 22, 2009


Are you too busy with your legal practice to exploit the vast marketing possibilities of Web 2.0? Why not hire a former client as your web designer and legal marketing “expert”?  Does it matter that the ex-client was dishonorably discharged from the Army after rape and obstruction of justice convictions?  It might. 

Especially if the designer creates a network of phony Twitter accounts to create links to your website, which features “scraped” content from other sites. This scraping involves copying posts from other lawyers’ blogs and running the text back and forth through the Babel Fish translatorin order to stymie plagiarism detection.  And—presumably inadvertently—comprehension.*

Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett, one of the bloggers whose original content was lifted in this scheme, tells the whole weird story hereand here  Bennett concludes, “Outsource your marketing, outsource your ethics and reputation.”

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*For example:

Original post excerpt:

One additional insider secret, is to secure a common username across multiple social networks (even if you can’t set them all up right away). Use this Username tool to help you achieve this.

In the scraped version becomes:

Escape and conjecture of the beginning of one day, heater of somebody ‘of warm water of S who they seek? An additional secrecy of initiate, is to fix a common username through the multiple social networks (even if you can ‘t establish them immediately all). Use this tool of username to help you to carry out this.



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