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by Vault Law Editors | April 16, 2008


Probably the most important aspects of the NALP conferences are 100+ "sessions," panel discussions and presentations on topics of interest to those in the legal recruiting &/or attorney development business.  Here is a sampling of sessions I won't be attending:

-Keeping the Romance Alive: Nurturing the Relationship between Law Firm Employer and Lawyer Beyond the Honeymoon Phase
-Show Them Love: Successful Lateral Partner Recruiting Strategies
-Report Protocols as Career Services Management Tools: The Sequel
-Lights, Camera, Action: Interviewing Skills, Hollywood Style
-Professional Development: Got Staff?
-Put the Power Back in PowerPoint

Life is short--you have to make some choices.  Be back later with a bit about the sessions I do attend.

                                                                       -posted by brian


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