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by Vault Law Editors | October 15, 2010


    •  Law firms that won potentially lucrative contracts to advise the Treasury Department on TARP aren't seeing the huge paydays some had expected: Cadwalader has thus far reaped $2 million on a contract theoretically worth up to $100 million. (Blog of the Legal Times)

    •  Magic Circle marketing follies: “It seems A&O may not quite have got the hang of this marketing game yet.” (RollOnFriday)

    •  In sorting out the question over whether foreclosure proceedings were conducted properly, a major focus will be on a fairly obscure player in the mortgage market: the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems. (NYT Dealbook)

    •  Law Professors: Control and Tax Cannabis. By the way, these professors include OJ’s Defense Team.  (Yes on Prop 19)

    •  Our right to personal privacy is eroding, even as Corporate America's is growing, according to Dahlia Lithwick. (Slate)

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robo-signer depos
Lawyers contemplate a pile of robosigner depositions


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