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by Vault Law Editors | September 24, 2010


Weekend news roundup

•   Just 28 days to make a choice: The New York Times discusses NALP’s new, condensed timeline for law students to respond to summer offers.
•   DOJ to finally give government lawyers loan relief: The Blog of the Legal Times reports that nearly $10 million will be distributed to state agencies to help public defenders and prosecutors pay back their student loans.
•   The Wall Street Journal looks at the rising tide of job bias claims, and the Times reports that a record number of Muslim workers are complaining of employment discrimination.
•   Alas, the frivolous sometimes share headlines with the serious: “Outraged” lawyer who says he was charged $4 more for a mani/pedi than his female companion is suing the salon for $200K, claiming sex discrimination and comparing his plight to that of Rosa Parks.

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