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by Vault Law Editors | March 01, 2011


If you’re a 1L thinking of transferring law schools, don’t wait until June to get the process rolling. Certain law schools accept early admission applications from prospective transfers. These early action programs are based on first semester grades (of course, you’ll also need to submit letters of recommendation, essays and other application materials). And by early, I mean some application deadlines are this month. Below are some schools offering early admission for transfer students.

Brooklyn Law: While August 1 is the transfer deadline, Brooklyn Law accepts transfer applications based on 1L first semester grades. The school “will continue to review transfer applications and make admission offers throughout the spring and summer until all the spaces in the entering fall class are filled.” The website does not indicate if early acceptances are binding.

Case Western Reserve Law: The early decision deadline is March 30, 2011. The website does not indicate if early acceptances are binding.

Chicago Law: Chicago Law still has 2010’s date posted on its site, which was April 10, 2010. Early decision acceptances are binding, and you cannot apply to any other binding early decision law school programs.

Georgetown Law: The early action deadline is March 15, 2011. Acceptances are not binding.

Hofstra Law: The early action deadline is May 15, 2011. Acceptances are not binding.

University of Miami Law: Miami Law does not have a formal transfer application deadline, but it does offer conditional admission based on 1L first semester grades. Acceptances are not binding.

Washington University Law: The early action deadline is March 31, 2011. Acceptances are not binding.

The following schools don’t have official early admission programs but admit transfer students early in certain circumstances.

Florida State Law: Florida State Law’s website indicates that “a limited number of truly extraordinary transfer applicants will be considered after completing only one semester at an ABA approved law school.”

University of Alabama Law: University of Alabama Law states on its website, “The majority of students transferring to Alabama Law have completed their first year of law school. However, some extraordinary students are considered for early admission as a transfer student.”

If you’ve got your eye on any of these law schools, start preparing your transfer application with these tips. And check out the links below for more information on these law schools’ transfer policies.

Does your law school have an early admission transfer program, but you don’t see it above? Email Mary Kate at

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