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by Vault Law Editors | February 09, 2011


First-semester grades are in, and you’re either feeling really good, completely awful or confused by what it means to be in the middle (because up until now, you’ve always been on top, right?). You feel like you’re finally “getting” the law-school game, but you’re also uncomfortably uncertain how determinative first semester will be of your 1L success. So what’s an anxious 1L to do? Keep these six points on your radar:

1.Don’t get too comfortable. If you killed it first semester, good for you! Now get back to studying. First-semester grades are only half of your 1L GPA, and the curve is just as bell-like and difficult your second semester. Stick to your first-semester study routine, and keep working hard.

2.Don’t concentrate on failure. If you didn’t do as well as you wanted to first semester, don’t let your less-than-stellar marks consume you during your second semester. You can’t change your grades now, and the unfortunate part of the bell curve is that only a small number will come out on top. Instead of freaking out, figure out which study methods didn’t work for you, and implement tools that can help you improve second semester: see a tutor, join a study group, leave your study group if it was more distracting than helpful, outline, book-brief, take more practice exams or whatever other study techniques you find helpful. CLICK HERE to read more.



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