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by Vault Law Editors | February 10, 2011


You’ve given your law firm your two-week notice, but don’t put your feet up just yet. Two weeks might seem like a long time, but it’ll go by fast, and you have a lot to do before your last day. Add the following tasks to your resignation to-do list, and don’t wait until the last minute to complete them.

Files: Sort through all of your files and decide which should be trashed, which should be sent to the records department and which should be forwarded to other associates, partners or legal assistants. This can be a lengthy process, so work on it a little each day.

Hand It Off: Speak to the partners on each of your cases and determine what you need to do to wrap-up your assignments. Then, sit with each attorney who will be taking over for you, and fully explain the case and your files.

Pro Bono: Pro bono cases are great because they offer a lot of responsibility. But when you leave, you need to find some one to assume that responsibility. Start your search for a replacement early, and make sure to schedule as many meetings as it takes to get your colleague up-to-speed.

Contact Information: Notify any Bars of which you are a member and any bar associations and other legal organizations with which you participate of your new contact information.

Finish Your Work: It may be tempting to skip out early and take it easy during your last few weeks at the office. But you still have your professional reputation to uphold and clients paying the firm for your work. Make sure that you finish all of your assignments and that your work product continues to be high-quality.

Departure Memo: Think carefully about your departure memo—it’s a representation of you and your final impression on the firm. Use the memo as an opportunity to thank all of those who have impacted your career at the firm and to invite your colleagues to stay connected with you once you leave.

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