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by Vault Law Editors | August 31, 2010


  • Justice Ginsburg: TV has made Supreme Court confirmation hearings much longer because senators posture for cameras. (WaPo)

  • More on the Paul Allen v. Everybody lawsuit: "It's just unlikely he wants to shut down the Internet." Also, from the comments: “Why Innovate when you can Litigate?” (WSJ)

  • Dodger divorce shenanigans: Frank McCourt's lawyer Stephen Susman (of Paul Allen's very own Susman Godfrey) argues that (former family law attorney!) Jamie McCourt was attempting to become "the first successful spouse to invalidate an agreement that she proposed" and the "first divorce lawyer to claim she did not understand her own postnuptial agreement." (NLJ)

  • LawProf Ilya Somin cautions against issue conflation in the debate over the “Ground Zero Mosque.” (Volokh Conspiracy)

  • (True?) Tales from Brooklyn: “The bar is over. Law school is over. Everyone else is off on their post-bar vacations: Bali, Greece, Miami, Kentucky. I click through some photo albums on Facebook: happy faces and landmarks … The destination matters less than being some place else before the unemployment depression kicks in.” (The Awl)
AP Photo/C.J. Gunther

Justice Ginsburg
Justice Ginsburg: NOT posturing

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