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by Vault Law Editors | January 04, 2011


I’ve endured the Socratic method, book-briefed until my fingers were covered in neon highlighter, cuddled up with Emanuel and Nutshells, eaten my way through a summer associateship, graduated from law school, spent an unfortunately-memorable summer with Barbri, passed the bar exam, stopped having time and began billing time, traded Food Emporium for Seamless Web, and learned the ins-and-outs of litigation from some of the finest mentors around.

I’m a newbie to Vault but no stranger to the legal world. After taking a law class in undergrad and interning for a local lawyer, I was drawn to the law and its complexities. As an English major searching for a practical outlet for my writing, law school seemed like the perfect next step (isn’t that what all the liberal arts kids say?). Three years and significant vision loss later, I graduated from Columbia Law School and entered BigLaw as a litigation associate.

The document-review was plentiful, Lexis Nexis was my closest friend, and the late-night car service was frequent – par for the course in BigLaw life. But my associate career was also marked by fascinating cases and incredibly intelligent, driven colleagues (and friends). It’s an experience I would never trade.

And luckily, it’s one that I can continue to draw on as Vault’s law editor. I’ve been there: the studying, the quivering when your name is called, the job searching, and the actual lawyering. Now I’m here to write about it. Check out Vault’s law content, Vault Law’s blog and Vault Law's Twitter account (@Vaultlaw) when you need a study break or your eyes are about to bleed from document review. Don’t just read it, though – stay in touch. I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, ideas for future posts and articles, questions, and any news tips (you can email me at


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