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by Vault Law Editors | September 19, 2007


Courtesy of May It Please the Court comes the complaint of tattoo artist Johnny Anderson (or, as his colleagues call him, "Johnny 2/3" ). Anderson is seeking, on First Amendment grounds, to overturn a Hermosa Beach municipal law prohibiting tattoo studios. Filed just last week, the complaint starts out reading like a lame high school paper ("Over the centuries, tattoos have served many functions in many cultures") and by the time we get to the cause of action, it channels the ghost of Johnny Cochran: "a person may wear his heart on his sleeve, and the government may not prevent him from wearing it on his arm."

According to the complaint, 20 percent of American are inked. According to a Vault survey, 85 percent of people surveyed believe that having tattoos or body piercings can affect your chances of getting a job. Here, Vault gets the word on the street:

Speaking of all of this, I wonder how Eak the Geek is doing in his first weeks of law school?


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