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by Mary Kate Sheridan | December 09, 2019


'Tis the season for gift giving, and if you have a lawyer or law student on your list, look no further than Vault's holiday gift ideas! Lawyers and law students are a stressed bunch, often with type-A personalities and a (sometimes irritating) tendency to think they are always right. In other words, they can be tough to shop for. Not to mention, if your loved one is a BigLaw attorney, you may feel like they already have everything they need. And if they're a law student, they may be too mired in finals to tell you their wishes. Check out some of our gift suggestions below for your favorite lawyer this holiday season.

I Dissent Board Game

What lawyer doesn't love to argue? Give them the opportunity with this courtroom-themed board game, which includes the chance to dissent RBG-style.

Law-Themed Wine Charms

Holiday parties are standard this time of year, and libations are often flowing. Don't let your lawyer lose their glass—nab some of these scales of justice wine charms so they can keep track of their drink like a true Esq.

Modern Sprout Live Well Unwind Set

The stress is real for lawyers and law students, and taking time for self care can be a struggle for those with go-getter personalities. Bring the pampering to them with this gift set that includes a self-watering lavender grow kit, candle, eye mask, and pillow spray. 

A Woman's Place Is In the Courtroom T-Shirt

Is there any better place for a woman than in a courtroom? We think not. Give the lady lawyer in your life a shirt that celebrates all she has achieved.

iFly Gift Certificate

Hear us out here: lawyers are often incredibly risk averse and wound tighter than most. And sometimes they just need to break free from it all. Indoor skydiving may be just the ticket—an adrenaline rush without having to actually jump out of a plane. Plus it will give them a much-needed break from all of those billables.

Concierge Service

If your lawyer friends are anything like the lawyers I know, they have zero time for anything—things as simple as making dinner reservations, mailing a letter, and dropping off dry cleaning are impossible for someone who is at their desk until the wee hours. Why not get them a sidekick this holiday season through a digital or local concierge service? Let someone else handle their day-to-day tasks or even some bigger needs like planning a vacation, finding remodelers, etc.

A New Briefcase/Work Bag

Shopping for a law student? Chances are they will be gearing up to interview for their summer positions soon. It is also highly likely that they don't have much spending money to spare. Help them look professional and organized with a quality briefcase or bag to hold their resume, writing sample, laptop, and any other items they may need (ahem—Vault guides) on interview day. A gift certificate to a store like Tumi may be the way to go—they can choose one that is their style.

Founding Fathers Glasses

Do you have a Con Law expert on your hands? Check out these glasses with quotes from the founding fathers. There's nothing like cozying up with a John Adams quote after a long day of brief-writing ... for some.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Travel Mug

If we had to make a list of the best things in life, two things that would top it would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg and coffee. This gift celebrates these two with an inspiring quote from Justice Ginsburg and a quick way to grab your morning joe.

Barbie Career of the Year Judge Doll

They may not be lawyers yet, but if you have any little ones who are eager to become a member of the bar one day, grab this judge doll. She can preserve law and order among the toys in the playroom and fuel a child's dream to one day sit on the bench.

Happy holidays to you and all of the lawyers in your life!