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by Vault Law Editors | September 30, 2010


Sad news: comic Greg Giraldo died yesterday of an apparent drug overdose. Giraldo was best known as an insult comic par excellence, especially on the Comedy Central Roasts of various B-listers. (e.g.,“Some people say [Larry the Cable Guy] is only successful because he’s pandering to the lowest common denominator. Don’t listen to these people, Larry. They’re just bitter and jealous and right.”)

Giraldo went to Harvard Law School and was briefly an associate at Skadden. As an obit, Esquire excerpts its 2000 piece “Who is Killing the Great Lawyers of Harvard”:

Greg showed up at Skadden Arps determined to grow up and knock 'em dead. Then they handed him two hundred documents and told him to close a real estate deal. He studied the documents, the fine print, the hereins and the wherefores. Each was uniquely necessary to the deal, and each looked so goddamned identical that he wondered if God was playing a cruel joke on him. He was earning $87,000 a year as a glorified clerk. No one at Harvard Law School during those discussions on the nature of man and society had bothered to mention that you needed to be a clerk to do this job.

Read the whole thing.

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photo: AP
greg giraldo

"Snowed under a mountain of documents one evening at work,
Greg reached into his bottom desk drawer and found that notebook of jokes."


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