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by Vault Law Editors | April 16, 2008


Greetings from sunny Toronto, where I am with the Vault contingent attending the annual National Association of Law Placement Education Conference.  The NALP conference is essentially a huge convention of law firm recruiters, law school career services people and legal headhunters, as well as the sundry folks who want to sell things to them.

Like junior proms, NALP Conferences have themes.  This year is "Passport/Passeport: Crossing Borders to a World of Possibilities..."  Besides being one of the many ways in which attendees are being reminded that Canada is a different country, I'm not sure what this means.  

As I type, a former president of Cirque de Soleil is giving a sort of keynote speech about "Igniting the creative fire that lives within all of us!"  Again, what this has to do with law firm recruiting is obscure to me, but she did just tell us all about her trip to China ("By the Great Wall, I smelled the dumplings"), so that was nice.

Anyway, I hope to post a bit throughout today and tomorrow, as I learn more about trends and issues in the world of legal hiring.

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