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by Vault Law Editors | February 27, 2009


As we noted last week, Vault’s annual Law Firm Associate Survey—currently underway—elicits more quotes than we could possibly publish. Moreover, there is much material we wouldn’t publish—because of length, overly specific references to individuals, especially harsh language, or fringe points-of-view. This is a shame—a lot of the unused quotes are strange, funny bursts of insight into the reality of BigLaw and are deserving of a forum. So here’s another sample, presented without reference to any particular firm:

How about a little-known “Fun Fact” about your firm?

Ann Coulter was an associate here. That is neither fun nor interesting, but is little-known and factual.

“Fun”? ”Facts”?  

Tell us about your firm’s culture:

“Nothing stands out at this have your nice people, your frat boys, your gunners, your sexual harassers… seriously, I know you have a book to publish, but bar a few noteworthy firms, we all look alike.”

“What a lame question. What kind of culture can a group of lawyers have other than The Lord of the Flies—but a lot of Piggies.”

Tell us about diversity issues with regard to women at your firm:

“The more senior I get and the more I get to know my peers/superior, the more I realize that women cannot escape the innate crudeness of straight men. It’s actually pretty disgusting.”

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