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by Vault Law Editors | September 05, 2008


ATL breaks news of an end-of-summer horror show at Foley & Lardner's Chicago outpost:


“Multiple tipsters coalesced around these numbers: 9 of 21 Foley Chicago summers received offers. But six of those offers went to IP attorneys, leaving non-IP summers with a stunning 3 of 15 success rate.”


Yikes.  Our own survey data--taken in March--suggests many Foley-Chicago associates had a sinking feeling about the direction of the office.  Below are some representative excerpts. See if you can spot a trend.


“I'm not sure that there is enough work and I think the firm is going through an identity crisis and trying to compete too much with firms that are not in our league - such as Kirkland. I think that the rate hikes have hurt us - especially in Chicago.”


“Sometimes, especially in the last two years, there has not been a lot of work to go around it is difficult to make even the very reasonable 1,850 minimum. Management also seems to be having an identity crisis between trying to be a Milwaukee work/life balance firm and trying to be a big-time Chicago firm. This identity crisis has lead to increased requirements for non-billables and what many people believe are extremely high rates that prevent us from getting clients that we got just a few years ago. There is also a lot of rate compression which makes it difficult for partners to use associates. Furthermore, the partners, because the office has been slow and because they also face demanding hours requirements hoard work.”


“Currently, the firm is going through an identity crisis. They want to be a huge firm taking only Fortune 100 clients, but somehow retain a normal existence for their employees. Something has got to give.”


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