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by Vault Law Editors | February 02, 2011


There’s nothing lawyers like more than competition and being right. What better place to combine these two passions than a trivia night—an opportunity to show off how much useless knowledge you’ve amassed for a chance to be crowned Master of the Trivia Universe (kind of like He-Man but not as cool because you’re a lawyer after all)? Lucky for you, the New York City Bar is hosting such a contest at its Lawyers Connect event on Thursday, February 10th.

The event, which takes place at NYC Bar's location on 42 W. 44th street in New York, starts with a reception and is followed by five rounds of trivia. The trivia will be run by The Big Quiz Thing, a multimedia trivia game show.

So are you ready to own your fellow NYC lawyers with your trivia skills or fall victim to their merciless ridicule when you’re exposed as a trivia failure? Fabulous! Click the New York City Bar link below to read more about the event and to sign up.

New York City Bar Trivia Night - Lawyers Connect - First Thursdays
The Big Quiz Thing



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