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by Vault Law Editors | September 25, 2009


Following up on yesterday’s post (below), a few snippets from Part II of the WSJ Law Blog interview with Gretchen Rubin, “the brains behind the Happiness Project”:

Know thyself—as soon as possible: “At some point you have to sit down and examine yourself. Nobody wants to work through the exercises in What Color is Your Parachute? — it’s a very hard process, hard for people to acknowledge their own natures. But I strongly think people need to do it. And it’s better to do it before law school than during or after.”

But it’s never too late. Even if you never figured out the color of your chute, drifted into law school and now find yourself among the legions of unhappy lawyers, there is still hope: To help readers construct their own “happiness project”, Rubin offers an online toolbox. The good news for “lawyerly types” who are more comfortable taking on concrete assignments than working toward amorphous goals: “It’s very task and goal oriented”. And it won’t even require you to budge from your Aeron chair, since ”it’s something you can engage with while you’re sitting at your desk.”

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