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by Vault Law Editors | March 26, 2008


Professor Marc Randazza—prominent First Amendment litigator and prolific blogger—has had a look at our Law School Rankings. His verdict?   

“Although I generally think that rankings are trash, this is the first law school rankings system that I have ever seen that actually measures criteria that matter.”

Oh, do go on…

“As a legal educator, I have to say that employability is really the only factor that should enter into law school rankings. If you want to be a legal philosopher, then go get your Ph.D. in philosophy. Law school should be for future lawyers, and future lawyers should be prepared to practice law.”

Hear, hear!

“I especially like the fact that Vault asked its subjects to evaluate how the students work with an assistant. This is, in my opinion, the best measure of how successful a lawyer will be — and it can’t be taught.”

Good stuff, Professor, and all your points underscore our rationale in subjecting the world to yet another set of rankings.  However:

“My one criticism of the Vault rankings is that they probably only went to big firm sources to create these rankings.”

A quibble with this quibble: our survey respondents’ firms represented a broad range in size (from 12 to 1,000+ attorneys) and geography (68 towns and cities).  About half of the firms appear in our Vault Guide to the Top 100 Law Firms.

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