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by Vault Law Editors | September 01, 2009


A press conference with Bill Belichick (the Wachtell of coaches!) resembles the deposition of a highly cunning hostile witness: 

Reporter:  With Tom, are you saying that his shoulder is just the normal bumps and bruises from a physical game and there is nothing more than that?

BB:  I’m saying that we made the decision to play other quarterbacks in the second half of the Washington game because we wanted to see them play. That will be the same situation going forward into the Giants game. Tom had a desire to play, but we made a football decision to play other players because I think we need to see them at that position, and make an evaluation there. That’s what I’m saying.”

A 'football decision.'  But of course.  With such an innate knack for parsing and obfuscation, one* can’t help but think that had Belichick chosen law as a career, he could have made David Boies  look like Lionel Hutz (h/t Reiss Pieces)

                                                                  -posted by brian

            *Ok: I can’t help…



Bill Belichick in a Flashdance sweatshirt  (thank you, Onion, thank you)



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