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by Vault Law Editors | September 08, 2009


   Is M&A activity rebounding?  Last week it was Disney’s acquisition of Marvel, this week Kraft’s $16 billion play for Cadbury is rebuffed.  Everyone is waiting to see if Hershey makes a move.   Clifford Chance is advising Kraft, Slaughter & May is reportedly counsel to Cadbury.   (The Lawyer)

   A round-up of highlights from the new Rod (Pepperdine JD '83) Blagojevich memoir.  Sample: “Martha Stewart and I have something in common. We have both been the targets of federal prosecutors.”   (Slate)

   Professor Ribstein surveys recent critiques of legal education and concludes the real problem lies with “existing mechanisms for delivering legal services. This includes, among other things, the basic model of one-on-one legal advice and the big law-only firm, all locked in place by outmoded ethical rules.”  (Ideoblog) 

   The anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers is approaching and Dick Fuld is bracing himself.  (Clusterstock)

   The things you can do with a Yale JD!  Sign a petition … cut an album … be puff-pieced by Leonardo DiCaprio…

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