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by Vault Law Editors | August 31, 2009


•     The Supreme Court must decide whether Hillary: The Movieis an “electioneering communication”   banned     by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law.  Thorny First Amendment questions abound.  (The New York Times)

•      Melissa Lafsky is an ex- associate at Littler Mendelson and, more crucially, the force behind Opinionistas,   which used to be among the blawgosphere's most insightful and hilarious voices.  So it’s a bit of a shame that Lafsky will be remembered for posing one of the dumbest rhetorical questions in the history of the internets. (HuffPo)

•     A group of investor clients of Stanford Financial Group has filed a class action claiming Proskauer Roseshould be on the hook for $7 billion in total fraud losses.  (The National Law Journal)

•     Waterboarding somehow prompts reflections on “Corporate Social Responsibility.”  (The Conglomerate)

•     Official Vault Law Blog Policy: “Lippe = link.”  Most recently, on the billable hour (AmLawDaily):

Moving away from the billable hour is no more inherently transformational than moving to the metric system       would be. It may be a milestone of change or it may be a catalyst for change, but in and of itself, it is not a huge change, just as redefining a yard as a little less than a meter won’t make anyone taller, richer or better looking. 

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