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by Vault Law Editors | March 29, 2011


A while back, we presented our Top Ten Reasons Not to Go to Law School. If your decision to go to law school is fueled strictly by your desire to emulate Atticus Finch, your dreams of kicking back in the Hamptons or your complete lack of direction, you should probably think hard about pursuing a JD. Over on Chicago’s Real Law Blog, Michael Helfand is also offering some reasons to back away from that law school application. Helfand’s top five reasons to avoid law school are,

1.Finding a legal job is difficult in this economy.
2.A legal degree isn’t guaranteed to make you wealthy.
3.Pursuing a JD takes a lot of work, and you have to approach it like you would a job. In other words, it’s not a solution if you’re looking to relax.
4.Don’t get too excited. Real-life practice isn’t like the dramatized legal situations you see on TV.
5.Law school is gonna cost you.


Law School

Helfand’s points are all critical considerations for prospective law students. Law school isn’t a gateway to unlimited job options, guaranteed riches or nonstop excitement. It requires tremendous financial and time investments, and it involves a lot of hard work. But despite these down sides, law school is still worth it to some people. Why might law school be a good choice? Helfand provides some reasons for that too:


1.Go to law school. Pass the Bar. You’re a lawyer! If you truly want to be a lawyer, law school is the path.
2. Legal skills can be fantastic tools for helping others.
3.Skills learned in law school may benefit you in a non-legal career.
4.Being a lawyer may give you some credibility.
5.Law school is a great learning opportunity.

Of Helfand’s reasons in favor of going to law school, one in particular stands out to me: if you truly want to be a lawyer, go to law school. If you decide that your wish to become an attorney outweighs any cons after researching your school options, speaking with attorneys, understanding your financial and time commitments, and exploring your realistic career and salary potential, that is a good reason to pursue law school. The key is making sure that you do all of your homework and fully understand what it means for your future, your bank account, your career and your lifestyle.

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