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3 Reasons Why Volunteering Abroad is Better Than Traveling

by Alice Berg | November 15, 2017

While taking time to travel abroad may sound like a great learning experience, volunteering abroad can be an incredible resume boost. We've got the three ways volunteering in a different country can change your career future.

Volunteering, and Not Just for Your Résumé

by Kristina Rudic | January 31, 2017

In a time of global unrest, many are searching for ways they can help out the causes they believe should be upheld. However, most cannot upend their...

7 Great Nonprofits to Work For

by Kristina Rudic | November 22, 2016

At the end of each year, people often reflect on how the year has shaped them and their lives, what has changed, and what has improved. Many even...

5 Tips On How to Fill a Resume Gap

by Jon Minners | August 08, 2016

The stress one feels during a job search becomes greater during periods of unemployment. There is a real fear that having an employment gap in your resume will make you undesirable to potential employers. Here are five ways to fill the resume gap and put your mind at ease.