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Gender Bias in Interview Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Vault Careers | September 21, 2020

The questions male job seekers and female job seekers are asked in interviews should be the same--but they often aren't. Check out this infographic that demonstrates some of the disparities in interview practices based on gender.

14 Things to Never Say in an Interview (And What to Say Instead) [Infographic]

by Vault Careers | August 26, 2019

Even seasoned interviewees can fall back on some phrases that, while often well-meaning, can land them in trouble. Check out 14 interview no-nos and what to say instead.

9 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Interviewing

by Katherine M. Rothman | April 16, 2019

Making careless mistakes in a job interview can cost you, even if you have the experience, credentials, and intelligence.

5 Techniques for Keeping Your Cool in an Interview

by Paul Richards | November 27, 2017

Are you stressed about an impending job interview? Here are some techniques you can use to stay calm under pressure, which will help you excel on interview day.

How to Ask Intelligent Questions in an Interview

by Isabel Sperry | September 19, 2017

Are you stumped on which questions to ask at the end of an interview? Then check out this video from a recruiter at Time Inc. for an insider’s view on the best questions to ask.

How Informational Interviews Can Lead to a Job Offer

by Jon Minners | January 09, 2017

Informational interviews are an often ignored aspect of the job search. Because they often do not result in a job offer, many view them as a waste of time. But, from personal experience, the informational interview saved me from unemployment and they can help with your career, too.

4 Tips for Building Rapport with an Interviewer

by Jon Minners | December 30, 2016

While the ability to convey your skills to others through a well-crafted resume may be helpful, having a good personality may be more important if you want to land the job. There are ways to build rapport with your interviewer.

5 Ways You Should Research a Potential Employer

by Jon Minners | October 03, 2016

Research is the key to success when you're about to embark on a dedicated internship or job search. Check out these helpful ways to become an informed job seeker.

5 Tips for Handling a Panel Interview

by Jon Minners | September 28, 2016

Panel interviews, featuring multiple interviewers at one time, have slowly become more common as companies look to speed up the hiring process by only inviting applicants they feel have the best shot of getting an offer. Here are some tips for handling the panel interview.

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

by Jon Minners | May 04, 2016

When it comes to the phone interview, the inability to see the interviewer, the awkwardness that is often found in even the most casual of phone conversations, and the stress of a job search all create difficulties that are hard for some to overcome. Here are some tips to get you better prepared:

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