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Tips for Using Social Media in Your Legal Job Search

by Heidy Abdel Kerim, Marketing Associate, Vault | February 26, 2019

Legal jobseekers should plug in and get social! Here are three ways social media can benefit your summer associate search, as well as platforms to explore.

Which Social Media Channels Do Hiring Managers Check?

by Heidy Abdel Karim | November 16, 2018

We recently spoke with an HR expert about how hiring managers use social media during the hiring process. Here are four takeaways from that conversation.

How to Prepare for Product Management Interviews at Google, Facebook, and Amazon

by RocketBlocks | June 26, 2018

One of the challenges of PM interviews is they cover such a large swath of topics. Here, we offer help on preparing for these interviews, focusing on three areas that matter most to interview success.

The Fastest-Growing Firms in Europe

by Phil Stott | April 17, 2018

Could your next employer--or competitor--be among the fastest-growing firms in Europe?

Is Facebook a Career Liability?

by Phil Stott | March 20, 2018

Will the troubles swirling around Facebook make it a harder sell for potential employees?

Sheryl Sandberg's Solution to Workplace Harassment

by Phil Stott | October 16, 2017

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg believes the fear of public shaming is the key to preventing workplace harassment

The Most Unusual Interview Questions Google, Facebook, and Apple Ask

by Colonial Life | April 25, 2017

unusual interview questions google, facebook, and apple ask

Which Top Firms Responded to Trump's Immigration Ban and Which Didn't?

by Derek Loosvelt | January 30, 2017

which firms responded to trump's immigration ban and which didn't

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