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The ONE Skill Innovative Companies Value Most: A Deloitte Perspective

by Stephan Maldonado | June 07, 2019

New technologies and increased digitization drive Industry 4.0. Deloitte surveyed innovative companies to find the one skill they value most. The answer may surprise you.

Culture, Innovation, and Enrichment: A Consulting Data Scientist Shares His Perspective on Life at Deloitte

by Stephan Maldonado | April 15, 2019

We recently spoke with Kyle Harbacek, a Specialist Master with Deloitte Consulting LLP, about how the firm's learning-rich culture positions consultants for success.

Pros and Cons of Working for the Big 4 and Other Top Accounting Firms

by Derek Loosvelt | March 20, 2019

We've compiled the most common pros and cons of working in accounting, as told to us by 8,000 accounting professionals of all levels, from entry level to partner.

Vault's Top 50 Consulting Firms for 2019

by Stephan Maldonado | August 21, 2018

Check out Vault's ranking of the Top 50 Consulting Firms for 2019! See how top consulting firms perform and explore additional rankings of consulting companies.

Best and Worst Aspects of Working for a Big 4 Firm

by Vault Careers | April 30, 2018

We recently asked 4,000 Big 4 accountants what the best and worst parts about their jobs are. Here are their answers (in two infographics).

The 5 Best Benefits Big 4 Firms Offer

by Derek Loosvelt | April 25, 2018

We recently asked 4,000 Big 4 accounting professionals which are the best benefits their firms offer. Here are the five benefit offerings that were rated the highest.

Culture, Cloud and Clients: Why an IT Consultant Chose Deloitte

by Phil Stott | April 24, 2018

Deloitte consultant Tony Witherspoon sat down with Vault to talk about his career in IT consulting

50 Best Accounting Firms to Work For

by Derek Loosvelt | April 17, 2018

Based on a survey of more than 8,800 accountants, here are the top 50 accounting firms to work for.

Vault's Top 50 Consulting Firms for 2018

by Phil Stott | August 22, 2017

Vault's 2018 list of the best consulting firms to work for is here, featuring McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and more!

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