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3 Crucial Aspects of Company Culture to Consider Before Taking the Job

by Smith Willas | July 31, 2019

A solid paycheck and good benefits package aren’t enough to keep you happy at work. Before accepting a new position, it’s extremely important to explore your prospective employer’s office culture more deeply.

3 Tips for Dealing When Two Coworkers Hate Each Other and You're Caught in the Middle

by Shauna Cole via Fairygodboss | March 19, 2019

If you find ourselves caught in the middle of a workplace battle between coworkers, here are three things you can to manage this tricky situation.

6 Bad Habits Causing You to Hate Your Job

by Kayla Heisler via Fairygodboss | October 29, 2018

Before you search for a new job, see if you’re guilty of any of these bad work habits. If so, it's not your job that's the problem but a bad habit or two.

How to Ask for Help at Work Without Seeming Incompetent

by Mardi Humphreys via Fairygodboss | August 08, 2018

In order to grow on the job, you sometimes need to take on complicated assignments that require the help of others. Here are five ways to ask for help at work without coming off as incompetent.

10 Personal Questions Never to Ask Your Coworkers

by Annamarie Houlis via Fairygodboss | March 13, 2018

There are questions that we should never ask our colleagues, even if they’re our friends in the office. Here are some of those questions and why they're inappropriate.

7 Tips for Staying Positive in a Toxic Workplace

by Jane Scudder via Fairygodboss | December 12, 2017

how to stay positive in a toxic work environment

5 Ways to Know If a Company's Culture Suits You

by Payal Bhatia | October 31, 2017

Company culture is a critical component of career satisfaction. So how do you figure it out before joining a firm?

This Is What a Terrible Corporate Culture Looks Like

by Phil Stott | July 19, 2017

Revelations of Uber's corporate culture show why research in your job search is necessary

5 Best Questions to Ask in Interviews

by Isabel Sperry | January 11, 2017

At the end of an interview, it can be hard to know which questions to ask your interviewer. Here are the five best questions you can ask that will impress employers and make you stand out from other candidates.

10 Tips to Conquer New Job Jitters

by Vault Careers | January 06, 2017

tips to conquering new job jitters

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