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Ask Vault: My Recruiter Went Silent. Should I Follow Up?

by Phil Stott | February 01, 2018

When is it OK to follow up with a recruiter, and when should you cut your losses?

Ask Vault: Is It Ethical to Take a Job While Searching for Another One?

by Phil Stott | January 10, 2018

Looking for a new job when already employed has lots of challenges

Ask Vault: Is It OK Not to Disclose My Current Salary?

by Ask Vault | May 22, 2017

How to deal with employers who ask for salary information in a job interview.

Ask Vault: How Should I Deal With Unequal Pay?

by Vault Careers | April 18, 2017

What should you do if your employer is discriminating against you?

Ask Vault: "Is It a Bad Idea to Request Feedback After an Interview?"

by Ask Vault | March 22, 2017

Wondering why you didn't get a job even though you thought you nailed the interview? In our latest "Ask Vault" article, we provide advice on how to ask for feedback after receiving a job rejection.

Ask Vault: Is It Ethical to Use a Job Offer as Leverage for Another Offer?

by Ask Vault | March 09, 2017

Ask Vault  is a new advice column, answering your questions on interviews, resumes, cover letters, and all aspects of your job search. If you have...