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Must-Have Productivity Apps in a Remote Working World

by Sam Radbil | September 02, 2020

Here are several apps and platforms sure to boost your productivity while working remotely.

Apps to Help You Get Through Remote Campus Life

by Kaitlin McManus | April 03, 2020

Remote college can be tough—we've got some app suggestions that might ease the transition and get you through the semester!

6 Best Time Management Software Programs and Apps

by Jane Hurst | October 02, 2019

Time management is a critical skill for all professionals—and time management software and apps are excellent ways to increase this skill and boost your productivity. Here are the top six programs and apps that will help you stay focused.

4 Best Apps for Jobseekers

by LiveCareer | July 10, 2018

Searching for a job can be overwhelming. To help expedite and simplify your search, check out some of the best job apps on the market.

5 Best Apps for Time Management

by Jack Milgram | August 08, 2017

While working online may save us a lot of time, it's caused chaos in terms of managing all of our tasks. Thankfully, there are apps for that. We've rounded up five of the best tools to help you get organized.

How to Figure Out Important Money Matters

by Kristina Rudic | February 22, 2017

A staggering amount of millennials admit they don’t know how to manage their money—let alone understand investing, interest rates, or budgeting....