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by Vault Careers | September 21, 2010


You might not have realized it, what with the dearth of pandemic scare stories floating around this year, but it's pretty much flu shot season again. And in addition to potentially missing fewer days of work this year, there's a freshly compelling reason to ensure that you take your place in line to get stuck with a needle by a trained professional: it might just help to ward off a heart attack.

What better reason do you need to take advantage of your company's wellness program—or to request that flu shots are added to it?

And don't worry about it seeming too early to raise the issue: the study even suggests a specific correlation between getting the shot early and reducing your risk of hear attack. According to the CNN report "[t]hose who got the shots early had a 21 percent reduction in the rate of heart attacks in the next year." That compares to a 19 percent reduction overall.

So what are you waiting for?

--Phil Stott,


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