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March 31, 2009


  Daniel Griffin
232 College Row
Ann Arbor, MI 55544


October 20, 2003

Hanes Raprock
Head Curator
National Museum of Modern Art
1234 53rd St. Rm. 221
New York, NY. 10023



Dear Hanes:

Henry Poulet at the Louvre suggested I contact you to ask for advice about pursuing a career in Fine Arts Administration. I worked with Henry last summer through an internship sponsored by the University of Michigan and found the work to be stimulating and well-suited to my talents. Henry suggested that an excellent first step in my career search would be a discussion with you.

I am going to be visiting New York this March (from the 12th to 18th). I will call your office within the week to see if I can schedule an appointment with you during that time.

Very Truly Yours,

Daniel Griffin


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