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by Brian Weis | March 10, 2009


In a Resume Database the two basic criteria recruiters search on are Skill Sets and Geographical Locations. For example, Sales, COBOL, California, Chicago, etc.

To maximize you searching tools try searching on other criteria to find qualified candidates. Below is a list of other examples:

1. Company Name - Search on your competition. The best way to find resumes of individuals in your industry. Also, search on your vendors, suppliers, etc.

2. Education - Try searching on specific names of Colleges or Tech Schools. Certain colleges in your area or nationally develop reputations for certain programs.

3. Degrees - Perform a search on degrees or certifications. For example MBA, PHD, Microsoft Certified, etc.

4. Zip Codes - Sometimes searching on a city or state brings in too many results. Zip codes can help narrow a search.

5. Dates - If you are looking for individuals with extensive experience or for senior positions use dates as your search criteria. For example, doing a searching on 1978 will give you individuals who are seasoned veterans in the workplace.

6. Languages - For positions that require candidates to be bilingual or speak several languages searching on specific language will result in qualified candidates. For example, Spanish, German, etc.

7. Activities and Volunteer Work - Looking for well rounded candidates? Do a search on the word volunteer or a specific hobby for example fishing, reading, computing, etc. This is also good if you know a particular candidate profile fits well in a department or with a hiring manager.

8. Get creative - searching on different criteria will give you drastically different results. Sometimes this is what is needed to find that special candidate!