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by SixFigureStart | October 08, 2009


So Phil and I have spent the last two days covering HSM's World Business Forum, happily posting and tweeting from the Bloggers Hub at Radio City Music Hall. We were flooded by a stream of brilliant insights flowing on leadership, team building, the economy, business futures, and global corporate responsibility and opportunities. If you haven't already, read up for the details here.

Throughout it all, there were several key concepts that kept cropping up: transparency, innovation, global interdependence, emerging markets, resiliency, and compassion. What does this mean for you as a professional and a job seeker? To paraphrase Gary Hamel: "We are no longer in the knowledge economy. We are in the creative economy." It's not enough to master your job; you have to keep growing it, adding new challenges, and more often than not, transforming it into something else entirely. The modern professional is a protean professional: as Hamel points out, ours is an era of rapid change--unlike any previous time in history--and initiative and adaptability is becoming more valued than diligence and obedience.

But this is true for companies as well as individuals. Viable companies must also develop strategic plans that keep pace with changing markets. This includes Vault. Yes, we're experiencing some growing pains as we figure out how to optimize our new website, join the online community, and deliver new types of career content that reflects the needs of the 21st century careerist. For this reason, I'd like to thank George Levy and Kelsey Woods at HSM for allowing us to join the amazing social media experts who made up the Bloggers Hub. It was a pleasure meeting everyone involved, and enormously educating just by following the gathered tweets and posts. I know that @vaultcareers and @vaultpinkslip will continue to follow and learn from @stu, @SethKahan, @innovate, @Bill_george, @Andreameyer, and @stevetodd as well as everyone else in the pic below:

World Business Forum's Bloggers Hub Bloggers on stage at Radio City Music Hall

But just because we're back from the event doesn't mean we've stopped listening. If you've got any thoughts, comments or feedback on what you'd like to see on Vault, let us know!

--Posted by Linda Petock, Vault Senior Producer


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