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by SixFigureStart | October 06, 2009


While George Lucas may seem like an odd choice to appear at a business convention, there’s no denying that he’s been one of the leading innovators in his field, and a wildly successful businessman to boot. The difficulty in trying to take lessons or insights from the events that have shaped his career, however is precisely that what sets him apart today is the fact that he’s one of a kind.

Having said that, the picture that emerges from the way he tells his tale is of a man who committed to quality and innovation wherever he could—and that’s something that everyone should hold as an ambition, no matter their field. Or, in his words, “I’ve always been very independent, and I believe in myself. Not recklessly, though.” Thus, he decided not to locate within LA when beginning his career so as not to get swept away, and invented anything he needed in order to create special effects along the way. From there, the “business” side of his life was born.

“Never make your hobby your business”—advice from his father that he “ignored…but kind of took to heart.” How so? Because he never cared about making money from filmmaking—a lesson that harks back to Bill George’s presentation this morning .Other insights:
On management style: “I’m not a screamer.”
“As Yoda might say, ‘Be careful what you hate, for you may become it”—on dealing with Hollywood deal-making types.
He spends the majority of his working time doing the thing he likes least—writing.
He sees himself more as a storyteller than a writer.
When asked for “young” directors that he likes, he name Spike Jonze and Peter Jackson.He believes that creating and sharing ideas are the keys to humans adapting, surviving and prospering on this planet.

--Posted by Phil Stott, Vault Staff Writer


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