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by SixFigureStart | November 03, 2009


One of my clients related to me an incomprehensible scenario from an interview she snagged after a dry spell of several months. The woman interviewer asked her why she hadn’t worked in over a year.


Mam, haven’t you read the newspapers? Turned on a television? Opened up Yahoo? Hello…are you living on the same planet? Like maybe your applicant in front of you couldn’t find a job in all this time? Perhaps this employer’s reality is not the frustrating one of millions of people worldwide who finds themselves depending on a government check each week to pay the rent. Perhaps because the recession hasn’t affected this employer’s business and she hasn’t been hurt personally. Perhaps because she has a job, she cannot relate to the realities of daily life in the business world across the country. [Read More]

--Posted by The Job Goddess Who Won’t Rest Till Everyone Is Put To Work! The 405 Club

The Day Work Ethic Changed.


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