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by SixFigureStart | October 14, 2009


(Note: With this post, Pink Slipped welcomes one of our newest affiliates, The 405 Club, a New York-based community-minded "employment information and networking resource." Greetings to the 405ers who find us here, and for our readers, hope you enjoy the new voices and insights.)

Recruiters and counselors say it takes nine months to two years now to find a job.

How can this be? Do the job gods have some kind of a secret formula? Is it a conspiracy? Where is it written that it takes the average unemployed individual that long to find his or her next job? Where is it written that it has to take that long?

Nine months. The time it takes to grow a baby. Astounding. That is the length of time it takes for most folks I know who seek new employment after a layoff or job termination.[Read More]

--Posted by The Job Goddess Who Won’t Rest Till Everyone Is Put To Work!, The 405 Club

I lost my job and my


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