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by SixFigureStart | November 13, 2009


Here is a sampling of today's jobs in your area. Click on the respective position to learn more about the job(s) and the employer(s).

Circulation Analyst—Harvard Business Publishing
Watertown, MA
Create monthly operating and financial reports analyzing and identifying long-term trends and implications. Present key issues to HBR management; Preparation of HBR’s bi-annual ABC Statement and provide expertise to the circulation team on rate base discussions. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree and at least five years experience as a financial/business analyst.

VP Provider, Network Management—UnitedHealth Group
Omaha, NE
Provides leadership to and is accountable for the performance and results of diverse or broad functions through multiple layers of management; Impact of work is most often at the business segment or enterprise level; Owns output of the entire system made up of all related processes. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree and at least seven years experience in network or contract management.

Principal Project Director—ARCADIS
Irvine, CA
Construction Manager (CM) is responsible for the management of all field operations and the administration of the construction contracts. The CM reports directly to the client's program director to discuss overall progress and prosecution of the construction and to review and resolve some of the more contentious issues. The CM is the direct point of contractual contact with the construction contractor. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree and at least twenty years relevant experience.

Assignment Editor, National—Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta, GA
The assignment editor's function is to facilitate newsgathering of all kinds. The assignment editor finds stories, develops and executes coverage plans to ensure stories meet network production and journalistic standards. Responsibilities include editorial awareness, logistics and operations, communication and building and maintaining within and outside of CNN. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree and two to four years experience.

Featured Opportunities from ICAP

ICAP is one of the world's leading interdealer brokers in international finance, and a provider of market information and commentary for business professionals all over the world. According to the firm,"an interdealer broker acts as an intermediary and matches buyers and sellers in the wholesale financial markets, so that deals can be executed by its clients." ICAP is hiring for a number of positions in this field in Jersey City right now.

2010 Sophomore Industry Insight Internship
"ICAP's Industry Insight program for Sophomores graduating in 2012 offers a unique opportunity to learn about interdealer broking at ICAP early in your career." The company's one week program "offers a comprehensive overview of the world of interdealer broking with the opportunity to meet our people and start learning about our business."

2010 Summer Broker Internship
"Our internships represent nothing less than our long-term commitment to the success of ICAP and to your career. [...] You'll be given all the training and support you need but you'll also be challenged, encouraged to take on responsibility and become an active member of the team."

2010 Full-Time Broker
Full-time programs start with a global orientation program in London which provide a comprehensive induction to the industry and ICAP specifically. Further financial and technical training follow, and continues throughout the course of your career.

For all positions, a keen interest in the financial markets and a strong academic record are essential. Candidates must be on track for a 3.0 GPA, and possess exceptional interpersonal and networking skills. And, as the company says, "we are genuinely interested in people who have the hunger, drive and ambition to succeed in our fast-paced, challenging and dynamic environment." If that sounds like you, click the title of whichever job appeals to learn more about it and apply directly. If you'd like to learn a little more about ICAP, why not start with Vault's profile of the company.

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--Posted by Sophie Friedman, Vault Web Content Intern


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