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by SixFigureStart | November 02, 2009


Wow! This has been an exciting week, as I was waiting to see if I would serve on a jury, I received three more responses from prospective employers asking for interviews. This was quickly becoming a few days of high drama. Would I have to serve on a jury? Would I have to postpone interviews as a result? Would the interviews still be there if I had to serve? Would I lose the job opportunities that I have been waiting for? As prospective jurors were being questioned by the lawyers, little did I know, yet another issue would be waiting to contribute to this drama. during the last few days it was becoming harder to boot up my desktop. I faithfully kept my internet security up to date and did daily malware scans, yet the problem persisted until I received a Windows/System32 error that prevented me from booting my PC up. I began thinking about what I had backed up and all the things I had done during the last several days that I did not yet have backed up. System restore, did not work! The backup shadow copy of my system failed to restore my PC! Would I need to spend money I hadn’t planned on for a new desktop?? . [Read More]

--Posted by Howard K. Young, The 405 Club

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