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by SixFigureStart | October 20, 2009


Q: I know I’m lucky to be employed and shouldn’t be complaining about my current job, but I am not  happy in my career field and need to get out of it. I also know this not the ideal time to combine breaking into a new field with looking for positions. How can I make this transition easier for myself?

Career epiphany

A: While you’re right that this isn’t the ideal time to look for jobs, I think it’s a fine time to switch careers. If you’re financially able to, take an internship in your new field of interest. It will expose you to different aspects of the career that you either may not have known about or wanted more information on. “The Itch to Switch,” an article published by a Vault staffer, will also give you some tips on how to switch to a new field. Good luck!


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