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by SixFigureStart | June 24, 2009


How can you tell when the recession is really over? Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has an idea, and it doesn’t involve asking any economists or financial analysts for help. Spitzer thinks we should look to cabbies, instead.

“The moment that I can’t get a cab anymore, I will feel the economy is picking up. Right now, it’s raining this morning, but I have no doubt I can get 10 cabs in 30 seconds. That’s a bad sign for the economy.” (via The Takeaway)

As silly as it sounds, Spitzer does have a point. Luckily, the folks over at Kiplinger have taken it a step further, putting together a list of a handful of economic indicators that just might be as good an economic barometer as any stock picker on TV.

So what exactly are the everyday life clues we should be using to judge the economy? Glad you asked. Here are some of our favorites: [Read More....]

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