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by SixFigureStart | May 12, 2009


The downturn has made many of us question our priorities, become more interested in spirituality, and even seek out new religions. It’s certainly true for me. I was raised a nonbeliever, and before the recession, I lived a misguided life. Even in the wake of September 11, I resisted the call.

But now all that has changed. It took losing my job, but I have let duct tape into my heart. Duct tape, it turns out, can be a miraculous cost-saver and time-saver, and in the recession, we could all use both.

I realize that the Cult of Duct Tape is far from new—just new for this single, urban woman. Developed (some say) during World War II, it was used as a water resistant sealer for ammunition cases. The astronauts aboard Apollo 13 used duct tape to help turn their lunar module into a lifeboat. Keith Canfield, who was one of the spacecraft’s designers, later said that “I felt like we were home free” once it was clear there was duct tape on board. “One thing a Southern boy will never say is, ‘I don’t think duct tape will fix it.’” [more]

--Posted by Sara Clemence,

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