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by SixFigureStart | May 15, 2009


What you need to know today to survive and thrive in the recession.

In the recession, more people are learning how to re-cut a dress or alter their Levi’s to look like Dior. Renata Espinosa looks at the new breed of DIY seamstresses. (The Daily Beast)

The recession has been a boon for the mental health industry: the use of psych services doubled in the first four months of this year. (Psych Central)

Mommy vice? One in three moms surveyed this spring said they have turned to a vice such as overeating, drinking, drugs and/or gambling to cope with the stress. (CNBC)

Broadway theaters aren’t seeing audience declines as a result of the recession, and historically New York’s theater row has been virtually impervious to economic declines. (Reuters)

Recently released data from the Mexican census show that emigration from Mexico to other countries has declined by 25 percent as a result of a lack of jobs in the U.S. (New York Times)

Drug makers are expanding programs to help people afford medicines amid the prolonged recession. (Wall Street Journal)

One man’s layoff nightmare: employment to food stamps in one week. (Chicago Tribune)

Reports indicate that the economy’s tentative recovery has been moving in fits and starts, though there is evidence that the worst has passed. (Associated Press)

There is a new spate of angry advertising campaigns that seek to channel the outrage, frustration and fear felt by consumers hit hard by the recession. (New York Times)

Baby boomers have been the biggest losers in the stock markets, according to new data. Many say they are now worried about the future. (Forbes)

--Posted by David Hirschman,

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