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by SixFigureStart | May 07, 2009


While most of us tend to associate outsourcing with American companies sending work overseas to lower-cost countries like India, it turns out that over the past year, businesses around the world have been outsourcing jobs to U.S.-based workers at an increasing rate. According to oDesk, outsourcing to American professionals by overseas companies has increased by over 300%, with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Spain leading the way. The top job categories being outsourced to U.S. workers on oDesk are freelance web developers, virtual assistants and freelance writers.

While these foreign companies may simply be taking advantage of the shaky U.S. economy to outsource their work to the cheapest available option, it should be noted that quality could be a factor here as well. U.S. providers' average feedback scores have been consistently higher than the oDesk average, which means that oDesk buyers are getting the best possible work at a very affordable rate (albeit still more costly than other international workers). Finally, it should be noted that there are currently more U.S.-based providers on oDesk now than ever before, so there is quantity to go along with quality.

This is a trend that seems to be on the rise and is worth keeping an eye on for those of us seeking employment.

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 --Posted by Steven Schiff, Assistant Producer