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by SixFigureStart | June 15, 2009


Even the hallucinogenic eye of Dr. Seuss (the author of the classic referred to above) couldn't have dreamed up anything like the locations spotlighted in BusinessWeek's "The Hardest Hardship Posts." These cities are some of the most inhospitable known to man, overpopulated and riddled with disease, crime, pollution, political unrest and oppression, violence and/or plenty of opportunities for gastric distress. (BW didn't include some of the most obvious choices like Baghdad or North Korea.)

On the flipside, they also lay claim to some of the most (financially) rewarding job opportunities. Companies that operate in these places often have trouble filling spots, so they make them ultra-lucrative to lure the most committed (most desperate?) individuals. So the next Robert Young Peltons of the world, itching to uproot themselves from their cushy lives of jobless leisure, need only take root in Lagos, Nigeria (No. 1!!!!), Almaty, Kazakhstan, or any number of burgs in India or China. Unfortunately, BW didn't include any job leads or handy "Companies to Contact" lists, so you're on your own with that.

Any takers? Let us know where you end up -- we'll be waiting for your postcard. Don't forget to shed some light on where to find the best public bathrooms in your area, and the Pink Slipped staff will fill all the frantic requests for non-moldy fruit, candy bars and cans of Campbell's soup it can handle. (Send enough cash to cover postage.)

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer


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